Wingard Wellness & Therapy Services: My Journey to CBD | Part 2

Which CBD Product Should I Use?

In the interest of full disclosure I am more than happy to share that I am a brand ambassador for the Nutraceutical Company Zilis which produces and markets the UltraCell® full spectrum Hemp derived CBD oil. I have included below a link to my website which can give you lots more information about the company and the multiple products that are offered.

With the numerous choices out there for CBD products I will attempt to share some of the important things to look for in a high-quality product.

Full Spectrum
First of all, it is critical to make sure that you are using a CBD oil that is truly, ”Full Spectrum”. There are many CBD oil‘s that simply use isolates from the hemp and mix it with other ingredients and market the oil as CBD. The Full Spectrum Hemp derived oil which has CBD in it also has over 400 other components including vital micro nutrients, flavonoids, terpenes, minerals, fatty acids, omega 3‘s and 6’s, as well as all the B vitamins. These work together synergistically to provide what we know of as the entourage effect. Make certain you are buying Full Spectrum Hemp derived CBD oil.

Organically Sourced
It is also critical to make sure that the CBID you are taking is sourced from hemp that is grown in certified organic soil. Hemp has the amazing capacity to be a soil accumulator meaning that it will not only soak up the good nutrients found in the soil, but it can also accumulate toxins if grown in contaminated soil. Be certain that the source is certified organic by the FDA as well as the specific Department of Agriculture from the state it is grown in.

Independent Laboratory Testing
Reputable companies will be able to provide specific certification that independent laboratory testing has been performed to ensure that the Hemp oil and the CBD contained therein meets the current federal standards of having no more than 0.3% THC (0.003mg/ml) and less than 5% CBD by weight. While I am certain there is much to learn about the possible variations in concentrations which may be even more beneficial, we currently do need to work within the present laws and standards. As more research is conducted there may be a changing of these standards somewhat over time.

Water Solubility
Assuming the three major components of high quality Hemp derived CBD oil are met as described above, I think this is by far the most significant difference between the UltraCell® CBD oil and the vast majority of the other oils in the marketplace. One simple way to determine if the CBD you have purchased or are considering purchasing oil based or water soluble is to place a drop of the CBD oil in a cup of water. What will happen with the strictly oil based products is a floating on the surface of the oil and a clear distinctive separation between the oil and the water. Even the foods that we eat that contain oils and fatty acids must first be broken down by the bile released from our gallbladders to be emulsified in a form that can be efficiently absorbed through our G.I. tract. Intestinal absorption and bio availability is overwhelmingly enhanced when those substances we ingest are water-soluble.

The Mayo Clinic performed a study specifically on the UltraCell® CBD oil product and confirmed between a 90 to 94% bioavailability of the orally administered UltraCell® CBD. This stands in stark contrast to the other CBD oil’s on the market that are not water-soluble. I have spoken with individuals who use oil based products and have assured me that they are getting benefit from the CBD oil they are using. I am quite certain that even a small amount of CBD when ingested and absorbed into the system of someone who has significant deficiencies in their own Endocannabinoid system will receive some benefit. The problem is the oil based drops have a very limited absorption capacity or bioavailability as clinical research confirms anywhere from only 6 to 20% depending upon the route of administration. The reality is that for the oil based products there is significantly more wasted than is absorbed. This is not so for the UltraCell® brand of Full Spectrum, Certified Organic, Independently Tested, Water Soluble Hemp derived CBD Oil.

So the question has been asked, “Which CBD product should I buy”?

“The one I sell of course”!

In all seriousness, I would be honored to entertain any questions you may still have as well as directing you towards the current research available regarding this remarkable supplement. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions on my Facebook page. You may also call or email me directly. 

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